Simon Rudkin

Simon Rudkin. I am a Senior Lecturer in Data Science at the University of Manchester with a strong interest in how information within the shape of data may better inform policy and practice across Economics and Finance. I obtained my PhD in Economics from the University of Manchester in 2008 and have subsequently I have held positions with Swansea University, the University of Liverpool and University of Bradford amongst others.

Interdisciplinary research has much to offer to our understanding of our own specialisms, the development of rigorous mathematical tools are an important component thereof. Topological Data Analysis is intuitive, we understand outliers and we know that models seek to provide predictions across characteristic spaces. However, the full shape of data is then too often ignored when approaching new problems or evaluating new datasets as absent of TDA shape measurement and visualisation is difficult. My work develops TDA for applications in Economics and Finance reflecting discipline norms and learning from TDA advancements in all areas.

TDA offers unique perspectives on data. By understanding those perspectives, and working with the human intuition of experts, the opportunities to leverage the power of data are limitless.

How to find me?

2.13E Humanities Bridgeford Street
School of Social Sciences
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL
United Kingdom
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