Jan Felix Senge

Jan toegther with two fluffballs I am a PhD student from the University in Bremen at the Institute for Algebra, Geometry, Topology and their Applications (ALTA) with Prof. Dr. Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov as advisor. I am working Paweł Dłotko at the Dioscuri Center for TDA in Applied Topology and Topological Data Analysis (TDA).
My focus lies in descriptors/signatures, kernel-methods, and statistical summaries for persistent homology. The applications are currently surface roughness, medical imagery - bone cracks, and economy.

Personal Information

Room 16
Dioscuri Centre in Topological Data Analysis
Instytut Matematyczny PAN
ul. Sniadeckich 8, Warsaw


Relevant Publications with the Dioscurit Center

  1. Senge, J.F., Astaraee, A.H., DÅ‚otko, P. et al. Extending conventional surface roughness ISO parameters using topological data analysis for shot peened surfaces. Sci Rep 12, 5538 (2022). doi.