DS3-2020, Topological Data Analysis: Mapper, Persistence and Applications Tutorial

Welcome on the webpage of our TDA tutorial. Over here you will find some basic material and link to code. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line! During our session we will use jupyter-notebook (see https://jupyter.org/install) and R (see https://www.r-project.org/). Please make sure that you have it installed prior to the tutorial (we have very little time and a lot of ground to cover!). In Jupyter-Notebook, please run pip install -r requirements.txt'. In R, you need BallMapper which can be obtained by typing install.packages("BallMapper") into your R terminal. This tutorial will be presented by me and Vincent Rouvreau from Inria Saclay. You will get a separated hello email message from us!
  • Introductory slides
  • Exercises in Persistent homology.
  • Exercises in standard Mapper.
  • Exercises in Ball Mapper (in R).
  • Exercises in Ball Mapper (in python, thanks to Davide Gurnari).
  • Solutions to extra exercises (please use only when you put a considerable efford to do them by yourself!).
  • Please also consult my tutorial on arxiv as a further reading. More firther reading suggestions is available therein.