Baby Steps Beyond the Horizon:
Computational topology
from theory to practice
For a nerdy intro, click here.
Hello and welcome to the webpage of our lecture/tutorial! This lecture will be a bit different than the others - we will be focusing on direct use of mathematics in fields outside mathematics. That implies the need of getting our hands dirty with data and the code - something that you may have not encountered so far. Please, do not be afraid, just bear with me. The examples we are going to discuss will be ready to compile; so, if you are a beginner, you will be able to start and then (if you get interested) slowly modify the code and get more proficient. If you are an advanced Python hacker, you will find more opportunities to try different things. I hope all of you will find something useful and educational in those examples!

All our examples will be done in Python3. You need to install one from here. As, we do not want to work with pure python, please also instal Jupyter Notebooks available here . In Jupyter-Notebook, please run 'pip install -r requirements.txt'. You can get the requirements file by clicking at the hyperlink in the last sentence.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at pdlotko at impan dot pl.

Here are the files with the examples we will be covering;
  • Introductory slides
  • Exercises in Persistent homology.
  • Exercises in standard Mapper.
  • Exercises in Ball Mapper (python version available thanks to Davide Gurnari).
  • Solutions to extra exercises (please use only when you put a considerable efford to do them by yourself!).
  • Please also consult my tutorial on arxiv vas additional reading material. Further reading suggestions are available therein.
    Many thanks to my PhD students; Davide Gurnari, Niklas Hellmer and Jan Senge for their great comments and suggestions!