About us

Our Centre is located in Mathematical Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences. It is one of Dioscuri Centres established by Max Planck Society.

Our mission is to develop novel mathematically rigorous geometry and topology based shape descriptors to solve important applied problems in Science, Engineering and Medical Sciences.

Our current projects include:
  1. Designing new mathematically rigorous methods of data analysis and visualization, integrating them with statistical, machine learning and artificial intelligence frameworks.
  2. Developing new methods of time series analysis and underlying dynamic reconstruction, with aim of analyzing financial, biological and medical time series.
  3. Developing invariants of geometrical objects, including neurons, airways, blood vessels, polymers, porous materials, and others.
  4. Developing geometry based methods in engineering, including new polyhedral mesh generators as well as geometry-inspired numerical methods in engineering.
Our projects will have theoretical, algorithmic and implementation components. They are conducted in the wide international environment of the Centre, including at partner scientific and industrial institutions in Germany, UK, France, US and worldwide. Our partner in the Dioscuri project is Prof. Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov and the Institute for Algebra, Geometry and their Applications at the University of Bremen.

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Please check it up for the latest news!


We are seeking highly talented and motivated individuals who are willing to work with us on applied problems for which the concept of shape is important.

We have a number of positions available, please consult the positions section of the webpage for further details. We are very open to host Marie Curie researchers as well as industrial collaborators.

Please contact Pawel Dlotko for further details.


We gratefully acknowledge the support from the Dioscuri Program.

Dioscuri Centres of Scientific Excellence - a programme initiated by the Max Planck Society (MPG), jointly managed with the National Science Centre in Poland (NCN), and mutually funded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).